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When opening a Golden Bowl fortune cookie from Wonton Food Inc. after a delicious meal at a Chinese restaurant, you expect to read a message relating to an aspect of your life. However, the fortune may not always be the message you were seeking. Second Fortune enhances this experience by offering you another chance to receive a fortune that may be more uplifting for you.

Your fortune of the day is...

As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time.
30, 47, 29, 24, 18, 11
In 1973, Wonton Food Inc. started a company with ten employees and a single production line in a facility in New York City’s Chinatown. Over forty years later, the company’s fortune cookies are enjoyed as a treat after meals in Chinese-American restaurants and take outs throughout the country.

Dating back to its origins in the Far East in the 1800s, this snack has been a big part of Wonton Food's founder, Mr. C.S. Wong's popular product lineup. Since early 1990, Wonton Food has been the largest manufacturer of fortune cookies. In addition to giving you inspiring messages, these cookies have also brought fortune to many individuals who have played the lottery.

Want to learn more? Scroll down to read our Fun Facts!

Fun Facts #1

Wonton Food Inc. makes over 4.5 million fortune cookies a DAY.

Fun Facts #2

The process of adding paper inside the fortune cookie is an ancient Chinese secret!

Fun Facts #3

Donald Lau, CFO of Wonton Food was responsible for writing the cookie's fortunes for over 30 years.

Fun Facts #4

The “lucky numbers” on the back of the fortunes have contributed to the success of 110 US lottery players who have won $100,000 or more.

Fun Facts #5

Most people in China don't know what a Fortune Cookie is.

Fun Fact #6

Wonton Food’s official mascot is a giant fortune cookie named “Lucky”.

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