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Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 – The Year of the Rooster. The new year has begun and will last until Feb 15, 2018.

The Chinese New Year is the most important of the holidays for the Chinese. It is defined to be the first day of the first month in the traditional Chinese calendar. Chinese New Year is based on a traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar whose date indicates both the moon phase and the time of the solar year. A lunar month is around 2 days shorter than a solar month. In order to “catch up” with the solar calendar, an extra month is inserted every few years. This is why, according to the solar calendar, the Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year.

New Year Celebrations last around 15 days until the middle of the first month. Before the celebration, people will normally completely clean the house and display traditional New Year decorations. This festivity is the time for family reunion, which is the most important part of the Chinese New Year tradition. People visit relatives and friends, do some shopping, watch traditional Chinese shows, launch fireworks, and plan for the coming year. Culminating with the Lantern Festival on the 15th day of Chinese New Year.

This New Year marks the year of the Rooster.  A powerful year, with no middle ground when it comes to moving forward. In a Rooster Year, all of the Chinese animals can reap great rewards by tapping into Rooster traits. Loyalty, commitment, hard work, family values, and top-notch appearances are just some of the characteristics that will be rewarded this year.

What does your Chinese zodiac sign mean?

In Chinese astrology, the 12 animal zodiac signs each have unique characteristics.

  • Rat: Quick-witted, resourceful, intuitive, sociable.
  • Ox: Loyal, dependable, strong, diligent, steady, determined.
  • Tiger: Courageous, ambitious, competitive, confident, charismatic, warm-hearted.
  • Rabbit: Gentle, empathic, clever, sincere, sociable, caretakers.
  • Dragon: Confident, ambitious, intelligent, imaginative, spiritual, charismatic.
  • Snake: Intelligent, brave, cunning, intuitive, elegant, decisive.
  • Horse: Adaptable, loyal, humorous, active, adventurous, strong.
  • Goat: Softhearted, persistent, warm, tasteful, charming, calm.
  • Monkey: Brilliant, charming, agile, sociable, versatile, innovative.
  • Rooster: Independent, confident, intelligent, flamboyant, capable, earnest.
  • Dog: Valiant, sociable, clever, loyal,  responsible, adaptable, smart.
  • Pig: Honorable, philanthropic, honest, optimistic, sincere, sociable.